Ethereum (ETH) schießt auf neues Allzeithoch trotz Apathie im Bitcoin-Preis

Ethereum ist gerade auf ein neues Allzeithoch gestiegen, trotz der Apathie im Bitcoin-Preis, der am Sonntagmorgen in Richtung $30.000 fiel. Der Preis von ETH ist bis 15 Prozent in den letzten 24 Stunden, so dass es eine der Top-Performance Krypto-Assets in den Top 100 nach Marktkapitalisierung, nach CryptoSlate Marktdaten. Bitcoin ist flach, wie bereits angedeutet. […]

Morgan Stanley Bank (indirectly) buys Bitcoin (BTC)

Morgan Stanley increases its stake in MicroStrategy by 450%. This American company listed on NASDAQ is known to hold 70,400 BTC in its treasury. The famous investment bank is thus indirectly exposed to Bitcoin Lifestyle. 11% MicroStrategy Morgan Stanley , the 5th largest bank in the United States, has decided to triple its stake in […]

MPs speak out against „wallet ban“ by the US Treasury

A possible ban on crypto wallets could have serious consequences, as some US parliamentarians fear. Several US Congressmen have spoken out against an allegedly planned regulation by the US Treasury Department that would severely restrict self-managed crypto wallets In a corresponding letter to US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, the four members of the parliamentary Bitcoin Revolution […]

Citi verlaagt MicroStrategy-aandelen na gewaagde Bitcoin-weddenschap

MicroStrategy werd dinsdag gedowngraded naar „verkopen“ van „neutraal“. De aandelen van MicroStrategy daalden dinsdag nadat Citibank naar verluidt de business intelligence-firma had gedegradeerd vanwege zijn „onevenredige“ Bitcoin Code focus. Citi-analist Tyler Radke gaf een ‚verkoop‘-rating op MSTR uit kort nadat het bedrijf had aangekondigd meer geld op te halen om Bitcoin ( BTC ) te […]

Decentralized finance (DeFi) soon on Cardano?

One of the projects linked to Cardano’s financing fund could well bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to the ecosystem. A new axis of development fully supported by Charles Hoskinson, the project manager. A DeFi platform soon offered on Cardano? IOHK, the company that runs Cardano, announced the new idea in a series of tweets . She […]

Kevin MacPhee leitet Tag 2 der EPT Prag 10.300 € High Roller Event

Kevin MacPhee triumphierte am zweiten Tag der European Poker Tour Prag 2015 in Höhe von 10.300 € High Roller. Er wurde zum Chipleader mit insgesamt 1.576 Millionen Chips. Trotz der harten Konkurrenz gelang es MacPhee, alle Gegner zu besiegen. Jetzt haben nur noch 18 Spieler die Chance, den ersten Platz zu erobern Der zweite […]

Bitcoin, altcoins and Dow price hit record highs

The Bitcoin reaching $19,400, the altcoins rising by three digits and the Dow setting an all-time record of 30,000 show that the highest-ranking players are leading every corner of every market. Bitcoin price, altcoins and Dow hit record highsMARKET On Tuesday, the highest-ranking figures showed that they are in full control of the market for […]